Huge Brands Lined Up For The Drum’s Marketing Event

The BBC, Samsung and eBay are just some of the big brands that have signed up to speak at The Drum’s upcoming marketing conference next month.

The Future of Marketing event will take place in London on June 30th, and will see experts discuss how marketing strategies might develop in the future as a result of changing technologies.

Among the speakers at the prestigious event, which will be held at the Mary Ward Conference Centre, will be BBC Global News’ senior research manager Andrew Tenzer, Maria Rakusanova, senior marketing manager at Samsung, and head of EU analytics at eBay Davide Cervellin.

There will also be 12 other professionals taking to the stage at the end of the month to talk about how their campaigns and roles regarding promotion might change.

Innovation director at We Are Social Tom Ollerton, as well as co-founder of Blippar Jess Butcher, and Hearst Magazine’s chief digital officer Darren Goldsby will also be at the event to discuss future methods of communication and marketing.

The conference, which will kick off at 08:30, will talk about traditional methods of promotion, including brochure printing and distributing, versus online marketing, such as social media.

While digital marketing is a growing trend that will only continue to expand as consumers rely more and more on their online technologies, there is still value in print advertising.

Depending on your target market, posters, leaflets, business cards and brochures are incredibly useful as they are physical representations of your branding, logo, contact details and company or event information. Unlike online campaigns, they cannot so easily be ignored or thrown away, so it will still be worthwhile using print marketing in conjunction with digital media in the future.

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