Over 1m Brits Hope To Launch Business in 2016-17

Starting a business is a dream for many people, but for some it may become a reality this year, as 1.3 million intend to launch their enterprise within the next 12 months.

There could be a significant number of start-ups searching for leaflet printing services over the next year to help market their new enterprise, particularly as the research from Direct Line for Business revealed almost one-fifth of these budding entrepreneurs hope to launch a business in the food industry.

The findings showed 18 per cent would like to open a cake shop, café, sandwich shop or bakery, while opening restaurants was also a popular choice.

Head of Direct Line for Business Nick Breton said: “Our research highlights the underlying desire amongst people to start up their own business ventures.”

He also noted that many Brits are “looking to turn their passions into professions”, including baking, cake-making and cooking.

Despite the enthusiasm of many people to want to work for themselves, lots are held back by a lack of capital to get their enterprise off the ground (51 per cent). Almost a third cited a lack of direction as a reason for not yet launching a company, while nearly as many simply did not have the confidence.

The loss of financial security and a regular salary was also a fear among a significant number of people, which is why it is important new business owners start thinking about the marketing plans as soon as possible.

Indeed, to help get their business off the ground, they need to invest in promotional gifts, business cards, office stationery, leaflets, and possibly even a brochure to give their enterprise a professional presence. Having a consistent logo and name among all this branded literature also makes the company seem more established.

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