How To Make Your Brochures Printing Stand Out

Digital marketing is something you should certainly do as a business but just because the world is increasingly technology driven doesn’t mean you should neglect print marketing in favour of digital. The two should work together and people still respond really well to physical marketing materials.

To make your brochure printing really stand out from the crowd, spend as much time as you can designing your material or hire a professional graphic designer to help you get it just right. The latter can be quite expensive so if you want to save money and retain control of your promotional materials why don’t you try using programs like Microsoft Office, which has a wide variety of different templates for brochures and booklets that you could find particularly useful.

If you have a Mac, why don’t you try using Apple’s iWork Pages as well? This has lots of basic templates but you can also find lots of free ones on iWork Community and the iWork Templates Blog. It really couldn’t be easier to get yourself started!

Of course, you can print out your brochures and leaflets yourself but if you’re planning to print out hundreds, it’ll be more cost effective and quicker to find a professional printing shop like BD3 to help you lighten the load. Check that your choice of company also offers folding if you need it as you don’t want to order your leaflets and other promo material only to find you have to fold it yourself. That will have a real impact on how quickly you can distribute your marketing messages, that’s for certain!

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