Stationery Your Office Should Not Be Without

Whether you are setting up a new office or you simply want to spruce up your work’s stationery cupboard, here are some supplies you should not be without.

Branded paper

For a really professional look, it is a good idea to print on branded paper. You can find commercial printing services that will supply large packs of paper of varying sizes with your logo, image, motto and address on.

Having embossed paper means you can print letters that look more official and professional, gaining you trust and respect from your clients or industry peers.

You can also invest in branded envelopes, presentation folders, notepads and diaries. All of these will simply make your firm look as though you have been around for years and have a strong sense of identity – perfect for companies that are still getting off the ground.

Business cards

Perhaps the one thing that will add a really professional edge to your business is having business cards. If you cannot afford to give all employees one, focus on those who are customer or client-facing first.

By providing them with business cards, they can give these out when networking to encourage people to contact them in the future. They are great marketing tools, so if you plan to attend promotional events, don’t leave the office without some.


Whether you have company-branded ones or not, it is important to have a big supply of diaries and calendars when the new year starts. While most people arrange their meetings and schedules electronically these days, many still prefer to write it down in their diary, along with ‘to do lists’ and other private appointments they do not want others to see.

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