What We Can Learn About Print Marketing From EU Referendum

Not only is the EU referendum result the story that’s still on everybody’s lips, it’s one that’s kept a nation of leaflet printing services churning out print literature over the last six months. While both campaigns have been heavily criticised for the rhetoric used in these campaigns, it’s fair to say that canvassing and leafletting has been an integral part of how each side has reached out to voters.

So, from one of the biggest print campaigns in UK history, what lessons can we learn for the wider marketing industry? Here’s our views.

Be accountable for your literature

During the campaigns, leaflets which made extraneous claims were being produced by different grassroots groups to target certain demographics and areas tailored to their fears or beliefs. While this might seem a safer way to market to a certain group as people are less likely to come across online and share what the leaflet says, this campaign has showed how print doesn’t exist in a vacuum, with many leaflets being shared online too. Make sure you’d be happy with your printed leaflets being seen by the wider world, as you never know what might happen.

Use the leafletting process to let your presence be known

As much as leafletting for this campaign was about putting facts and figures into the hands of the people, it was also about bringing people face to face with people who believe in one side or the other. Seeing that it is okay and there is support for something is likely to make someone else feel able to believe in it too, as well as providing human information polls for people to consult about key issues. If you use a person to leaflet in the street, make sure they know the key facts about your business, in case they’re asked any questions by interested people on the street.

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