Where To Distribute Leaflets & Brochures

They say print is dead. We argue that it certainly isn’t, especially if you’re a business looking to market your goods and services. Print marketing is still one of the best ways of attracting new customers, even in spite of the internet, so after you’ve got your print-outs back from your brochure printing services, make sure you distribute them in the right places. Here are a few suggestions.

Waiting rooms

People love having reading material in doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms so see if you can give them some of your promotional offerings to flick through as they sit there patiently.

Trade shows

Make sure that the trade shows you distribute your flyers at are relevant to your business or you’re not likely to see many conversions. You could also leave some brochures and leaflets at exhibitions – again, as long as they’re relevant.

Shopping centres

Why not employ someone to hand out your flyers in shopping centres? These are always busy, no matter what time of year, and there’s a constant stream of new people coming in so your audience changes by the hour… perfect for promoting your brand!

Hotel lobbies

A recent survey found that 98 per cent of hospitality professionals value printed information for their guests, with 94 per cent saying that they provide their customers with flyers, leaflets and brochures – so make sure you drop some of yours off if you want to boost your customer base. The most popular printed materials requested by guests were printed brochures, maps and guides.

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